Yacht Racing tips


  1. jean claude revranche

    faire un peu de bateau pour se détendre !!!

  2. s1rpala1nen

    That looks unreal

  3. Malik Nielsen

    Se denne video på YouTube:

  4. john page

    Crazy!!!!!!!!! it’s amazing watching these boats turn on water, Turn on

  5. keith jarvis

    I bet these guys pull some serious G forces ?…..

  6. Ίκαρος Ανεξάρτητος

    What is the top speed of one of these?

  7. Teemu Ljungman

  8. Teemu Ljungman

    Tässä on iha

  9. MrNuggetface

    Fuck yea

  10. Bysteriant

    Ive ridden in one before. Almost passed out from the g’s though.

  11. Stranger Meh

    Nice one!

  12. msguss04

    Rock n Roll

  13. XLR82TheMAX

    I really liked your video.

  14. mikkelmuk

    Can I have a ride, please?

  15. cuping boyz

    power extremmmmmm

  16. cuping boyz


  17. alexander apog

  18. Photowedding Medan


  19. killa whale

    i wish i had a boat like this

  20. Azza Dunkerley