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Female Team In Extreme Sailing Event

An all female team is set to compete in the Extreme Sailing event that is ongoing in Lisbon. This would definitely be one of a kind as this is a unique all female participation in an extreme sailing format. This is a series that has been underway for some time. The second day in Petersburg was a make or breaks an event. There are only two more events left of this series this season. The leaderboard is close to forming now.

The Magenta project is getting female teams in place. They would be sailing under the Thalassa Magenta Racing brand name. This team is making its debut in this series for the first time and is coming on in a week’s time in this series.

There would be nine teams of world class category that would be going to head to head at the Portuguese capital, all aiming to win the first prize of a week’s Largs Bareboat Yacht Charter. The format of stadium racing would be witnessed globally from 6th to 9th October. This new team would get a lot of attention as it consists of female sailors who are some of the most successful in the world. This team would have six members of the crew as opposed to the usual five members in boats that are manned by male members.

Sharon Ferris-Choat, a New Zealand skipper of Olympian fame would be skipper for the team. There would be several star crew members as well from different countries like GBR, SUI, NZL and other places. It would certainly be the first of the kind where female sailors would take part in a high performance event in this sport.

It would certainly help female sailors realize the dream of participating in intense sailing races which has not taken part till date. The boat would be a GC32 that would be manned by women. It is akin to Formula One in sailing and the women sailors are looking forward to the exhilaration of the event.