Yacht Racing tips


  1. Tom Heaton

    hell ya

  2. smwizzz

    Snake river or the Rogue??? Jetboat nationals??? Looks familiar. Always
    awesome to watch!!!

  3. Tyler S

    R.I.P headphones…

  4. smwizzz

    Ahh yes… the Salmon river!!! Now I know the one!!! Awesome race!!!

  5. Rogelio Gamboa

    <<.................... FUN .......... ....FUN .............. FUN !!!!!!!!!!

  6. Christian Sandberg

    I need one of these boats

  7. bigeric12325

    I have an Avenger 1974 with fins on either side of the water intake and I
    like going up cricks and want to go over fallen trees should I cut off my
    fins or blades beside my intake where the grate is?

  8. n7zsd

    That looks like Time Zone rapids near Riggins, ID. I ate it big in a Kayak
    there a couple of years ago. 

  9. Low Budget Scale Modeling.

    Do the drivers know the route beforehand ? Any time to plan the route or is
    it on the fly ? Excellent Sound capture BTW.

  10. Daniel knight

  11. Jürgen Pohl

    its big Shitt

  12. Sergey Sergey


  13. Chris Dunaway

    I agree SkyyCaptainn!!!!!!

  14. ap2pat


  15. Faken Namen

    what race is this? Where and when???


    Hydro Thunder

  17. koapwns

    Holy shit, that sounds awesome.

  18. Chris Densten

    wow my volume is sweet!!……

  19. Randy Watson

    …shoot some salmon, shoot it fast, shoot it pretty… Salmon

  20. brad williamson


  21. djmill123

    bouncy ride

  22. SkyyCaptainn

    Thank you for not putting music over your video. There are so many great
    boat racing videos that are ruined by shitty music.

  23. FrankiPowerZ

    oh shit it sound so sweet V8 FTW thummbs up for V8 speed boat

  24. Paganiproductions

    One person is deaf that watched this video

  25. Guyll21

    This has got to be the most entertaining form of boat racing ever. I think
    I’ve watched just about every video on youtube I could find. Thanks for the
    ear orgasm.