Yacht Racing tips


  1. AlphaEckoNiner9ner

    I thought the Ms Geico runs on turbines?

  2. Shivan Budhooram

    which racing is better hydroplane or powerboat

  3. Slug Slugster

    Scary speeds and excellent watching – Congrats Sir, keep it up.
    Is the mask an emergency supply of air in case of an accident?

  4. Daniel Dasent

    Marc, Congrats to you and Scotty for a well fought race! As Spectators yall
    gave us quite a show man! It was AWESOME watching yall win this year! WELL
    DONE! I even got my own pic of that jump with my Telephoto lens all the way
    from Truman Annex!

  5. Stefano Finotello

  6. kuba543

    1:42 “Maciek wloncz”

  7. Jacqui Bellamy

    Miss Geico is back WOOO Rock on! 

  8. Joakim Dyrseth

    Why can`t they make a racing-game of this!!!

  9. Orlando Cervera

    you are the best team. congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. PaulSter

    Congrats Marc, Scott, and Team Geico!

  11. PaddleDogC5

    Nice but big water is all white caps in KW 6-7 footers

  12. Offshorejojo Jo Jo

    Great racing!

  13. Jacob Schroeder

    Congrats on the win! Marc and Scott know how to race!

  14. Offshorejojo Jo Jo

    Was there also great racing big water!

  15. Raymond Ames

    Where were you in all of this David?

  16. Dickie Frank

    great video, congrats to friends Scotty and Mark for another World

  17. Jt P

    It’s great to have a vid not ruined by a lame soundtrack, the boat does the

  18. keith jarvis

    Key West Offshore Racing.. Against the Odds: https://youtu.be/uhFolrw4UJY

  19. smiley19912

    Well done guys, no spins, no tangles. Looks like there was just as much air
    time as there was warter.

  20. Perla White

    Key West Offshore Racing.. Against the Odds: http://youtu.be/uhFolrw4UJY

    Mah..che dire…c è a chi piace ..