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Lucas Oil Drag Boat Racing Diamond Nationals 2012

Video Rating: four / five


  1. Armando Acosta


  2. Lars Jönlid

    How can the props get a “bite” in the water ?????

  3. Zeek Zharkov


  4. Scientologyfinancialcrimedot com

    Awesome video. Waters as flat as it can get. Talk about letting it all hang
    Its a rush just watching these boats run. Whats it like? Imagine yourself
    100 MPH on a potato chip.

  5. kamerado9

    I like the crashes

  6. paulcpo

    Daryl Ehrlich is such a class act. We had the chance to hang out with him
    when he drove the Hot Licks boat in a Augusta a few years ago. It’s no put
    on. He is never too good to hang out with fans. Such a nice guy and you
    would never know he drives the fastest boat on the planet. Most people
    could get an attitude about that and he doesn’t.

  7. Chelsea Rowland

    That’s my Dad. Giving the thumbs up. He was my hero. Love and miss you! Now
    you’re racing boats in heaven. 

  8. Dart

    I like how a tyre company sponsors a boat…

  9. Ben Asmann

    +lucasoiltv Can I use some of this footage to make a video for my
    Grandfather’s company, Hi-Tech Performance?

  10. thomas Ballesteros

    Make sure You go to one of the events in your life>There is nothing like

  11. MRdoA77

    After seeing the racers I imagine this is a sport made for redneck lottery

  12. Mick Carson

    Awesome! Reminds me of the days I used to be a pitman at these drag boat
    races here in Australia in the early 90’s. Boats like The Mexican, Tinker
    Toy, God’s Gift, to name a few. In memory of Tinker Toy whose driver was
    killed trying to hit 250 mph at lake Glenmaggie.

  13. paul cant

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  14. Willie Box

    Red Cat Fish

  15. ezr168

    1000 foot, yeehaw, lord what a waste.

  16. paul cant

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  17. Gaultier Alexandre

    Trop con ces ricains !

  18. Europon


  19. StFidjnr

    @ 14:43 great overhead shot
    @ 16:54 tony scarlata will have the best seat in the house

  20. Marlon Thomas

    Lol, Imagine if these were your new fishing boats..

  21. Jim Kapner

    I have seen some of this in action years ago in Ca……….wow.

  22. StFidjnr

    @ 14:43 great overhead shot

  23. shagster1970

    These guys can start their motor? The drag cars cant.

  24. Marlon Thomas

    Yes, MotorSPORT.

  25. StFidjnr

    @ 16:54 tony scarlata will have the best seat in the house

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