Yacht Racing tips


  1. aidsjah

    Ear candy.. more like RIP headphones…

  2. Kyle Blank

    Are gas turbines better engines to have on these types of boats, or can
    reciprocating engines be just as good?

  3. Everett Cox

    armyrob211 The 1400/1450/1500hp Lycoming L13 is a pleasure boat engine. The
    turbine class raceboats use the 1850/2000 Lycoming 703 turbine.

  4. Thomas Scheffler


  5. 5252dan

    watched with the sound off. stilll eye candy

  6. Everett Cox

    Devin Arch that fin was tested and it increased the stability of the boat a

  7. Slug Slugster

    That’s a smile to my face for the sound

  8. Everett Cox

    You’re all wrong. Those engines were 1850hp Lycoming T53-703s turned up to

  9. Bill Dill

    Add some wings and it will fly!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Monkey Tronic

    T53 engines running in a race config = > 4000 HP…
    However she is about the fastest thing on the water.
    If commercially available, the Army’s newest T-55’s running on the Chinook
    are rumored to go around 5600 HP ea.
    I don’t think they have a drive system that will handle over 10,000 HP
    or be able to put it to the water.

  11. edgu71eg

    My wife said i can have one if i get a job

  12. Michael Leadingham,

    just 213 mph that nonthing my boat I just bult goes 320 mph and it has 6000
    horsepower my dad clocked to at my local lake this boat a kids play toy
    compare to my boat its a beast on the water

  13. Princess Penny

    It didn’t go very fast.

  14. XLR82TheMAX

    I enjoyed your video.

  15. SuperLololololo1

    so slow

  16. Talon Dahmen

    That boat is amazing it’s powered by two T55 703 Lycoming turbines that
    create around 6000+hp together

  17. Devin Arch

    That tail fin is incredibly badass

  18. Tony Fullerton

    if you haven’t realized the boat is powered by turbine engines from and

  19. armyrob211

    lol its not 6k hp or 4k hp….if you google these engines they are rated at
    1400SHP or shaft horsepower so that’s 2800hp combined. granted that’s still
    a lot and the torque is crazy high which is what gives it that huge power.