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San Diego Sailors Heading Rio

The USA Sailing team has 2 members from San Diego who would be taking part in the Rio Olympics. The Southwestern Yacht Juniors Club offered a great send off to them that encouraged them to the fullest. Briana Provancha and Caleb Paine had grown up sailing together when they were 8 years old in Point Loma.

The 27 year old Provancha said that it was a special moment for him as it took a lot of hard work and sacrifices to reach at this stage. Both Provancha and Paine had won the Olympic test match in Rio last year. As a result, they both have the biggest chance to achieve an Olympic medal.

As per Paine, one needs to work really hard to achieve that goal as it takes time for settling in. Since he would be going to achieve this with someone who has been so close to him. It is indeed going to be a great experience. It makes it a lot more special. After 20 years of their first sail, these two members would be in USA team with full support from their family and friends.

The former director of the Yacht Junior Program Jana Odou told Croatian bareboat charters that it is more than just winning the medal for the team. The fact that they would be taking part and having the experience itself is a big thing for the entire team and family. There will be completely support offered to them forever.

After spending nearly 200 days of the Rio training, the members are not tensed about the climatic concerns of Rio. It is one of the greatest places as far as sailing is concerned. Both the members would be flying out of Houston to Rio on Friday, the 28th July. Let’s hope that they come back with an Olympic medal and make their family and yacht friends back in Houston proud.